CCTV Images Of Rudy Guede

The images below are from Sant’Antonio Car Park CCTV across the street from the cottage. They show a man believed to be Rudy Guede exiting the car park and heading towards the cottage. In Rudy Guede’s German prison diary he writes about arriving at the cottage and seeing a white car with headlights on parked outside the front gates, a detail only he could have known because he was there. The driver of the car has never officially been identified and is a witness to Rudy Guede arriving at the cottage just like he said he did around 7.51pm while Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were watching Amélie at Sollecito’s apartment. Rudy Guede prison diary: [1]
As I arrived in front of the house, I noticed a white car with headlights on, and a Drug-Dealer I often saw on Garibaldi Avenue, but I didn’t make much of this, and I went into the yard…

Sant’Antonio Car Park CCTV (the time stamp is slow by 10-12 minutes)


[1] Rudy Guede Prison Diary