Anne Bremner Interview: “Here’s why Amanda Knox has always been innocent”

Newspaper:  il Giornale April 10, 2015


The lawyer from Seattle and friend of the Knox family, Anne Bremner: “In these years we have worked to refute the falsehoods printed in the press, especially in Italy”

The controversy isn’t going away over the acquittal of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito after the Supreme Court determined that both are not guilty of murdering Meredith Kercher. One week after the verdict people are still talking about the case, about a story that is not very well understood which engaged Italians and all too often deteriorated into gossip. The lawyer from Seattle, Anne Bremner, has followed Amanda Knox since 2008 and has become a friend of the girl and of her family. Often a guest of programs on CNN and Fox to talk about the case in Perugia, with Knox’s relatives and ex class mates she founded the association Friends of Amanda which through these years collected funds and in addition information to help the American citizen in her trial. The lawyer Bremner agreed to respond to some questions on Knox’s trials, providing information about the time spent by the girl in prison and her projects for the future.

How well do you know Amanda Knox and why did you decide to help her?

I worked for Amanda since the beginning of 2008, only a few months after the murder of Meredith Kercher. I was contacted by a group of her relatives and friends in Seattle, which is the city where I work. From then we developed a close relationship and I have become a confidant to Amanda and her family.

What is the goal of Friends of Amanda?

During these years we have worked to refute the falsehoods printed in the press, especially in Italy, about her. They called her Foxy Knoxy, accused her of being a manipulator and smoker of marijuana. All falsehoods. Her relatives and I, who saw her grow up as a regular student at the Jesuit Seattle Prep. School couldn’t accept it.

Why was Amanda judged innocent and acquitted in the end?

Because she is. Amanda Knox has always been innocent. There isn’t a single hair, a fiber or a trace that can connect her to the terrible murder of Meredith Kercher. There were only two presumed pieces of incriminating evidence at the scene of the crime: a bra clasp with Raffaele Sollecito’s DNA and a knife with Amanda and Meredith’s DNA. But various experts confirmed that these items of evidence had been contaminated and compromised during the initial investigations.

Have you spoken with Amanda after the acquittal?

Amanda and I were often in touch when she was in prison. She was more concerned for everybody else than for herself. Now she is happy just like her family is, to be free forever. On the day of the verdict I wrote to her “Good luck” in a message and she replied to me “Thanks Anne! a.”

What will Knox do now?

First she wants for all this commotion around her to end. After this she intends to get married with her fiancé Colin Sutherland and work as a writer for the weekly newspaper West Seattle Herald. I know that Raffaele came to meet her in Seattle. What is important is that she’s now free. Fortunately justice was not cast aside. It was only delayed.

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