Meredith Kercher’s Killer Rudy Guede

Rudy Hermann Guede was born in Agouk, Ivory Coast, December 26, 1986. At the age of 6 he moved to Italy and settled with his father.

Rudy Guede was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the murder of Meredith Kercher. The sentence was reduced to 16 years on appeal and later confirmed by Italy’s Supreme Court. He is eligible for day release in 2016. At his trial witnesses were called and testified he was prone to excess and was often drunk and used drugs including cocaine and would hassle girls stealing their handbags. Other witnesses testified he had stopped playing basketball and was showing signs of mental illness.

He became a suspect in the murder of Meredith Kercher investigation after his bloody palm print was discovered at the crime scene. When the police tried to contact him they discovered he had fled to Germany where he was arrested trying to board a train without a ticket. He was immediately extradited back to Italy and confronted with the overwhelming evidence that placed him at the crime scene.

Guede lied repeatedly through-out the case modifying his stories based on news reports to best suit his defence. Guede was recorded during a Skype conversation before his arrest telling a friend that the reports in the news were incorrect and Amanda Knox wasn’t there and had nothing to do with it. Guede’s well-connected local attorneys did an excellent job securing the most lenient sentence possible for his crime by convincing the court that he was merely an accomplice.

How can we say with complete certainty that Rudy Guede murdered Meredith Kercher? Unlike Amanda and Raffaele, Guede was arrested after the evidence collected at the crime scene was analyzed and that evidence points right to him—no one else, just him. There was no rush to judgment when it came to arresting Rudy Guede. Investigators found Guede’s print in the victims blood on the pillow case under her body and his DNA inside her. The evidence of his guilt is irrefutable and should have been more than sufficient to secure a life sentence for a crime this heinous. The prosecution never appealed his sentence reduction. Why?

* All information on this page comes from his motivation reports and statements which can be found at the bottom of this page.

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The Trials of Rudy Guede

Location of Rudy Guede's DNA on Meredith Kercher's purse


Rudy Guede was acquitted of theft even though his DNA was on Meredith Kercher’s purse

Rudy Guede’s lawyers announced on September 9th, 2008 that they would ask for their client to be judged under the “rito abbreviato“ known as a  “fast-track-trial” in the English speaking media.[1]

The “rito abbrebiato” is defined in “Libro 5 – Procedimenti speciali – Titolo I: Giudizio abbreviato” of the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure.[2]

It is based mostly on the papers of the prosecution and only a limited number of witnesses being heard by the court. If found guilty the defendant is granted a reduction of the sentence by one third, a “life” sentence is reduced to 30 years, “life + isolation” is reduced to “life”. [Art. 422 comma 2 c.p.p.]

Guede was charged with murder (A) aggravated by sexual assault (C) and theft of money, Meredith Kercher’s credit cards and mobile phones. (D)

The hearings were presided by judge Paolo Micheli who also had to decide if there was enough against Knox and Sollecito to send them to their full trial. In addition to the points A, C and D they were also charged with “transporting the knife” (B) and “simulation of a crime” (the staged break in) (E). Amanda Knox was also charged with calunnia (F) for the false accusation of Patrick Lumumba.

The verdict was anounced on October 28th, 2008, Guede was found guilty of murder aggravated by sexual assault and was sentenced to “life” discounted to 30 years because of the abbreviated procedure. He was found “not guilty” of the theft.[3]

Judge Micheli also ordered Knox and Sollecito to stand trial for the murder of Meredith Kercher.[4]

Two weeks after the conviction of Knox and Sollecito in December 2009 the verdict of Guede’s appeal was read. The judges found no new evidence but granted mitigating circumstances and reduced the penalty to 24 years [reduced to 16 because of the abbreviated procedure].

One of the mitigating circumstances was:

… it should also be remembered that Guede was the only one, even if in a somewhat fanciful reconstruction of events, to indicate the perpetrators.[5]

This verdict was confirmed by the Italian Supreme Court on December 16th, 2010.[6]

The Evidence Against Rudy Guede

Amanda Knox case: Rudy Guede Evidence Map.


Rudy Guede Evidence Map. Click to enlarge.
  • Rudy admitted he was with Meredith at the cottage and in the murder room;
  • Rudy in the presence of his two attorneys admitted having his hands at Meredith’s neck as she died;
  • Rudy said Meredith let him inside the cottage about 8:30 pm [30 minutes earlier than Meredith’s arrival home at 9:01 pm]
  • Rudy’s DNA was found inside Meredith’s vagina; [There is also a semen stain on the pillow case]
  • Rudy’s DNA was found on Meredith’s jacket and bra;
  • Rudy’s DNA along with Meredith’s blood was found on Meredith’s purse;
  • Rudy’s palm print in Meredith’s blood was found on the pillow case underneath her body;
  • Rudy’s shoe prints, set in Meredith’s blood, were found in the murder room and hallway;
  • Rudy admitted being in Meredith’s bathroom where a bloody footprint was left on the bathmat [He also said he had wet trousers when he left the cottage]
  • Rudy’s excrement was found in the toilet and his DNA on the toilet paper;
  • Rudy had cuts on his right hand that were still visible when he was arrested two weeks later;
  • Rudy admitted being in Filomena’s bedroom; [Where the break-in window was]
  • Rudy fled the country two days after the murder;
  • Rudy said Meredith screamed around 9:20 pm; [Meredith’s empty duodenum suggests she died by 9:30 pm. At that time Raffaele and Amanda started a Naruto cartoon at 9:26 pm at Raffaele’s place]
  • Rudy had a history of burglary with a knife and stealing credit cards and phones; [Meredith’s phones and credit cards were stolen]
  • Rudy told a fanciful story about being at the cottage on a date with Meredith when someone else killed her while he was in the bathroom; [This is a known criminal excuse called the bushy haired stranger excuse]
  • Rudy was seen by witnesses dancing at a nightclub after murdering Meredith. 
Amanda Knox case: Vinci - Guede's right hand injuries


Raffaele Sollecito’s forensic expert Francesco Vinci clearly showed that Guede’s hand injuries were compatible with a slip of a knife during a stabbing.

Rudy Guede’s Crimes

Christian Tramontano – Break-in at his home – Micheli Report page 35

Amanda Knox case: Palazzoli Law Office 2nd Story Window


Palazzoli Law Office 2nd Story Window.

CHRISTIAN TRAMONTANO and MUSTPAHA AOUAD. The former indicated having experienced a burglary in his house on the previous 1st or 2nd of September, by a young black man – following the publication by the press of many photographs of GUEDE – he claimed to recognize today’s defendant. In particular, the man reported that at 6 in the morning of the day indicated he was awakened by some noises coming from the room below his bedroom in the attic: Looking down next to his partner who was with him, he saw a young black man, who was rummaging through his things, so he hurriedly and angrily got out of bed to try and send him away.

The other man, at that point, started to go down the spiral staircase that led to the floor below, but – finding the door closed – he faced towards TRAMONTANO who was following him, at first he grabbed a chair and brandished at him, then he pulled out a switchblade: the complainant, who was frightened, returned back upstairs, while his girl-friend called “113”, and in the meantime the burglar – who had said something in perfect Italian, and his breath smelled of wine – was able to escape.

In checking how much had been stolen, the man noticed that very few banknotes were missing and three credit cards; the next evening immediately after, going to the discotheque “Domus”, he thought he saw again the young man in question among the customers of the local. After some time, seeing GUEDE’s photo in the newspapers, TRAMONTANO had the impression that it was really him who had been the burglar.

Maria Del Prato – Break-in at her nursery

On October 8, nursery school owner Maria Del Prato discovered 2000 euros in tuition fee’s had been stolen from a locked cupboard. The theft wasn’t reported to police.

Paolo Brocchi – Break-in at his law offices

On October 13, the law offices of Paolo Brocchi and Mattero Palazzoli on via Del Roscetti in Perugia were broken into via the 2nd story double glazed window which had been smashed with a large rock which was found on the balcony. A desk had been broken, his files searched, the phone dialer for the alarm had been disabled, a drink taken from the cupboard, the coats were on the floor and a laptop computer, cell phone, USB sticks, and a printer had been stolen. His colleague Matteo Palazzoli noticed the photocopier had been used.

Maria Mandu Diaz – Break-in at her home

On October 23, Rudy Guede’s neighbour, Maria Mandu Diaz, was attending a grape harvest festival when police arrived to inform her that her home had been badly damaged by a fire and her cat had been killed in the blaze. Someone entered the home through a window and started the fire on the 3rd floor by throwing a scarf over a lamp. The thief cooked a meal and tossed food all around the kitchen. The stove was left on and the refrigerator open. A fireman commented to her: “Loro hanno gozzovigliato,” they feasted here. Her jewel box had been looted and her mothers gold watch was missing.

*Note: information about the break-in and fire at Maria Diaz’ apartment comes from Nina Burleigh who interviewed her and wrote about it in her book “A Fatal Gift Of Beauty”. Maria Diaz did not testify.

Maria Del Prato – Break-in at her nursery – Massei Report page 45

At the hearing of June 27, 2009, the witness Maria Antonietta Salvadori Del Prato Titone testified that on the morning of October 27, 2007, a Saturday, as she entered the nursery school at via Plinio 16, Milan, of which she was the principal, she noticed coming out of her office a person whom she didn’t know, later identified as Rudy Guede. There were no signs of a break-in. There was some money missing from the money box, but just small change. Rudy Guede had a backpack inside which was a computer. Called at once, the police made him open the backpack, in which they found a 40cm kitchen knife. She recalled that there were other objects in the backpack: a bunch of keys, a small gold woman’s watch, and a tiny hammer of the type found in buses to smash windows. The police told her that the computer had been stolen from a law office in Perugia. The witness stated that she was with her six year old son, with a smith [fabbro] who was there to do some work, and with a rep.

Rudy Guede Caught on CCTV

The parked car outside the cottage gates being a detail only he could have known [because he was there] and writes in his diary:[9]

As I arrived in front of the house, I noticed a white car with headlights on, and a Drug-Dealer I often saw on Garibaldi Avenue, but I didn’t make much of this, and I went into the yard

CCTV images of white car frame by frame

CCTV images of Rudy Guede frame by frame

Rudy Guede’s Statements And Stories

Skype Chat[7]

jack says: (7:10:21PM) Listen, you have to tell me

jack says: (7:10:25PM) who was there.

Rudy Hermann says: (7:10:25PM) Do you understand where I am?

jack says: (7:10:32PM) No. Tell me what city.

jack says: (7:10:53PM) That way I can send you some money.

Rudy Hermann says: (7:11:19PM) I was in the bathroom when it happened. I tried to stop it but I couldn’t do anything. Amanda had nothing to do with it.

jack says: (7:11:19PM) You have to tell me who was there.

Rudy Hermann says: (7:11:31PM) Because I fought with a male.

Rudy Hermann says: (7:11:36PM) And she wasn’t there.

jack says: (7:11:39PM) And who was there?

Rudy Hermann says: (7:11:57PM) I don’t know. I didn’t see his face.

Skype Call[8]

Guede: In the newspaper they’re writing that I was drunk and slept on the toilet. That’s crap. In that house we were smoking joints, we smoked and so did those girls, everyone did. After that I said to the guys, who are men of their word, “Listen, guys, I’m tired, I can’t walk now, can I sleep over here?” So I slept on their sofa. I was only ever at their place twice. After that, after that I met Amanda, but I didn’t talk to her any more, I just saw her one other time, at that pub, at Lumumba’s pub, whatever his name is.

Beneditti: Right, Lumumba.

Guede: Just one other time, and we talked in that pub, but after that I didn’t see her any more, I mean I’d see her often in the street, but it was nothing more than a “hello.”

The time of death from his Skype call:

Beneditti: But if I understand, I mean like where was this…I mean, what time do you think this happened, I don’t know…

Guede: Around nine, nine twenty or so, because in the meantime we had gotten to talking and all.

Beneditti: I see.

Guede: I think nine‐twenty, nine‐thirty, around then, and then, when I heard the scream, let me tell you she screamed so loud that you could hear it even in the street, Giacomo, she screamed really loud. When I came out, it was in semi‐darkness, I came out and I saw him.

Guede Prison Diary[9]

About what happened and who killed Meredith Kercher:

We talked and at this point I told her that I needed to go to the bathroom, the kebab was bothering my stomach. She said I could go to the bathroom near the fridge, and I went. While I was in the bathroom I heard the sound of the doorbell. I am sure because it rang more than once. Then I put my headphones on and listened to my Ipod. During the time I was in the bathroom I listened to my favourite three songs. While I was listening to the last one I heard screaming, even though the volume was loud, very loud screams. I wasn’t even finished yet, I tried to go and see what had happened as soon as I could. I opened the bathroom door…

I went out, but in the living room and kitchen there wasn’t anyone, so I went toward Meredith’s room. There was the back of this person inside the room and I said “Hey what’s happening?” Then I immediately saw Meredith’s body on the floor and I also saw blood, and I said “What the f**k have you done?” I yelled, and the person turned around. He was a male, he was Italian because he insulted me and had no foreign accent. He had the knife in his hand and he tried to get me. I tried to shield myself with my hand but it was a sharp knife. Only brushing against me, it made small but deep cuts. Like a scalpel, it only needs to brush against you and it cuts. I hadn’t zipped up my pants and while backing off I fell. He tried to attack me but I took a chair to protect myself, being stronger than him. Although I had a chair and he had a weapon, he exited through the front door telling me “black man found, guilty man found,” he yelled.

Guede Testimony[10]

At the Hellmann trial, Prosecutor Mignini read a letter Guede had written but couldn’t read accusing Knox and Sollecito of the murder. When asked about the letter and their involvement he answered it was “a thought that I’ve always had in my head”.

WITNESS – Well, I with the … well, like I told you earlier, this is a thought that I’ve always had in my head, it’s a thought that in any case in the end I decided to put in written form after hearing certain absurdities, in my opinion [secondo me] and I [get to] take on all the responsibilities [on] hearing a puppet manipulated by certain people, that’s all. Therefore if I wrote those words it’s because they are [real], I’ve always had them inside of me. It’s not up to me to decide who it is that killed Meredith, I in the statement that I made in my trial I always said who was there on that cursed night in that house, therefore I don’t think that I’m saying anything new, I just put in writing my thoughts and I made them tangible [concreta], that’s all. Therefore I don’t see what other questions I should respond to…”.

Investigating Rudy Guede

Amanda Knox case: Disgraced detective Monica Napoleoni was suspended in 2013 for illegal access to a police database and witness intimidation.


Disgraced detective Monica Napoleoni was suspended in 2013 for illegal access of a police database and witness intimidation.

Detective Monica Napoleoni – Head of homicide and lead detective p21

Question: Listen at Rudy Guede’s house on the other hand were the knives in some way analyzed, was anything seized from inside that residence?

Answer: No, that residence was very small and in any case I wasn’t the one who searched inside there. I don’t remember this particular thing and I don’t think so.


Question: Listen when you had identified him from the palm prints of the hand did you then do some checks to see who he was, not just where he lived, but if he worked, if he had a criminal record, checks of this type?

Answer: Obviously we went to his house to search it once he had been identified, therefore of course we identified him and we did other checks, all of it to see if he had… He didn’t have a criminal record, but run-ins with the law, in other words he had been investigated without arrest for other offenses.

Question: For what?

Answer: For theft I believe, burglary, things of that nature.

Inspector Mauro Barbadori – Perugia Police p21

DEFENCE – AVV. Bongiorno – So, this photo President, the picture you see is of course taken from the file, this man here, at 19:41. “It’s 19:41 and then record the passage of this subject, hands in pockets, etc.. etc. “, what kind of tests were done, what have we done about this man who arrives at 19:41, you know who he is?

Answer – No, it has not been identified.

Question – It was of investigative interest?

Answer – Not for me.

Question – Okay, President. We call for the acquisition of these pictures of the parking lot.

Rudy Guede Documents

Description Document Description Document
Rudy Guede Trial: The Micheli Report English – Italian Rudy Guede German Prison Diary English – Italian
Rudy Guede Appeal: The Borsini-Belardi Motivations Report English – Italian Professor Vinci’s Pillow Stain Analysis English – Italian
Rudy Guede Supreme Court Sentencing: The Giordano Report English – Italian The Allesi Confession Deposition Italian
Hellmann Report – Statements of Rudy Guede English Testimony of Paolo Brocchi about Rudy Guede’s break-in English – Italian
Rudy Guede Deposition March 2008 English – Italian Testimony of Maria del Prato English – Italian
Rudy Guede Deposition May 2008 English – Italian Rudy Guede Scientific Police Fingerprint Report Italian
Skype Chat Nov 19, 2007 English – Italian Rudy Guede Fingerprints On File 2005 Italian
Skype Call Nov 19, 2007 Italian – OCR – Audio Exhibit List English
First Trial: Rudy Guede Milan Break-in & Stolen Goods Feb 2013 EnglishItalian Supreme Court Ruling: Rudy Guede Milan Break-in & Stolen Goods 2014 Italian
Appeal Trial: Rudy Guede Milan Break-in & Stolen Goods April 2014 Italian Witness Statement of Mohamed Barrow Abukar EnglishItalian


“Out in town drinking with the murderer from Perugia” by Nacho Azparren who met Rudy Guede two weeks before the murder and noticed his apartment was full of computers but had no internet connection.

Rudy Guede condannato per un furto, la sentenza del tribunale di Milano: un anno e 4 mesi April 2014 – Convicted for theft from the Palazzoli law firm. Sentence 1 year, 4 months.

La lettera di Rudy Guede sulla verità nell’omicidio di Meredith Kercher A letter released in 2013 that makes no mention of Amanda Knox or Raffaele Sollecito

Meredith, le lettere di Guede dal carcere! Vanity Fair December 2010

Meredith Kercher murder trial: Rudy Guede ‘was violent to women’ Nick Squires September 2008

MEREDITH, LA VERITÀ DI GUEDE IN UN LIBRO. MASTRONARDI: “RUDY TESTIMONI IN APPELLO” April 2013 – Guede defense expert Vincenzo Mastronardi “We identified a borderline personality type”

Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito and the Mystery of the Untested Semen Stain by Nigel Scott, October 2013

Rudy Guede, il tribunale di sorveglianza respinge lo sconto di pena November 2014 – Request for early release denied.

Caso Meredith, Rudy Guede condannato per ricettazione December 2014 – Theft conviction confirmed by ISC

Meredith murder, no permits for Rudy Guede January 18, 2016 – “The surveillance judge said no to the first request for early release. The denial was months ago but today made public by his defenders as they appeal to the court of Rome.”

Perugia, now the lawyers abandon Guede January 22, 2016 – “The Ivorian goes on TV and opens a Facebook page, but finds himself without a lawyer”


Books about Rudy Guede

The Forgotten Killer: Rudy Guede and the Murder of Meredith Kercher by Douglas Preston, John Douglas, Steve Moore, Judge Mike Heavy & Jim Lovering

Single Attacker Theory Of The Murder Of Meredith Kercher by Ron Hendry


Audio of Rudy Guede Talking About The Murder While On The Run In Germany

Maria Del Prato Discusses Rudy Guede Breaking Into Her Nursery

Nathan Abraham Discusses Rudy Guede

“People knew who Rudy was,” says Nathan Abraham, a local pub worker at the club where Meredith went on the night she was killed. “We found out he (Guede) tried to rob one of our bartenders, where he went into his house, had a little scuffle with a knife. He was one of those people you kinda – you knew him, but you stayed a little far away from him.”

Rudy Guede Testimony At The Hellmann Trial


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