Murder Timeline November 1, 2007

Amanda Knox Case: A detailed murder of Meredith Kercher timeline and graph for events occurring in Perugia on November 1, 2007.

00.00 Amanda out partying with friends on Halloween[1]

00.00 Raffaele at his apartment working on his thesis[2]

00:00:39 Raffaele outgoing call[3]

00:41:49 Amanda calls Spiros Gatsios [20 seconds][4]

00:57:20 Amanda sends SMS to Raffaele via Via dell’Aquila 5-Torre dell’Acquedotto sector 3[5]

01:04:58 Amanda receives a call from Raffaele’s landline. [cell located in Piazza Dante 26][6]

01.45 Raffaele meets Amanda in the Piazza and walks her home to his place[7]

09.30 Filomena Romanelli and boyfriend Marco Zaroli arrive at the cottage. Amanda is eating breakfast and tells her Meredith is sleeping. Amanda helps Zaroli gift wrap a present. Romanelli and Zaroli leave the cottage within 30 minutes.[8]

15:48 Meredith texts her English friends that she’ll be delayed in meeting them.[9]

16:00-17:00 Amanda and Raffaele leave the cottage.[10]

16:50 Francesco Sollecito calls Raffaele[11]

16:56 Francesco Sollecito calls Raffaele[12]

17.45 Jovana Popovic of Serbia visits Raffaele’s apartment requesting a ride to the bus station later that night because her mother was sending a suitcase from Milan. Raffaele agreed to help. Popovic saw Amanda using the computer and everything was normal.[13]

18:27:15 VLC launched on Raffaele’s computer to play the movie Amelie.avi[14]

19:30 Guede claims he left home shortly after TG3 regional started and headed to the cottage and noticed a car parked outside the gates when he arrived.[15]

19:51 First sighting of Rudy Guede on CCTV and a parked car outside the cottage gates. Guede is seen walking through the car park towards the cottage gates. CCTV timestamp is 19:41.[16]

20.01 Hekuran Kokomani’s cell phone pings off a tower servicing the cottage.[17]

20:18:12 Patrick Lumumba sends a text message to Amanda saying she wasn’t needed at work. Cell Via dell’Aquila 5-Torre dell’Acquedotto sector 3. Cell tower covers Raffaele’s apartment (See notes below). Amanda and Raffaele are watching Amelie [129min][18]

20:20 Second sighting of a person thought to be Guede on car park CCTV. He is walking from left to right along the street, past the car park on the right and the cottage on the left. CCTV timestamp is 20:10.[19]

20:35:48 Amanda responds with a text message to Lumumba. The message is “Certo. Ci vediamo più tardi. Buona serata” [Sure, See you later on. Have a good evening] Cell Via Berardi sector 7[20]

20:40 Jovana Popovic returns to Raffaele’s apartment to say she no longer needs a ride to the bus stop. Amanda opened the door and they spoke for two mins. Popovic said Amanda was normal, smiling, and invited her inside but she declined.[21]

20:42:56 Francesco Sollecito calls Raffaele and they speak for 3 1/2 minutes. Cell Via Berardi sector 7.[22]

20:45 Time approximate: Meredith leaves Robyn Butterworth’s apartment at Via Bontempi 22 and walks partway home with Sophie Purton.[23]

20:55 Sophie Purton arrives home in Via del Lupo. Source Micheli Report. “On 17 November, P[urton] made a new prosecuting magistrate deposition…correcting the time that she was back in Via del Lupo, recalling that it was still 20:55”[23]

20:56 Meredith calls her mother in England but does not receive an answer. The call is logged in the phone’s memory.[24]

21:01 Meredith seen on the car park CCTV walking towards the cottage gates. Time adjusted forward 10 minutes per defense theory.[25]

21:10 Human interaction on Raffaele Sollecito’s computer. [Amelie ends][26]

21.20-21.30 Rudy Guede says Meredith screamed.[27]

21:26 Spotlight metadata shows “Naruto ep 101.avi” file is opened on Raffaele’s laptop. [duration 23 minutes][28]

21:58 The number 901, corresponding to the answering machine is dialed on Meredith’s phone but the call is shut off before the end of the welcome message; after that, the phone immediately locks.[29]

22:00 A number is dialed on Meredith’s phone which corresponds to a bank [Abbey, the first number on the phone book] but no one is called, also because the mandatory prefix +44 was not entered.[30]

22:13 Meredith’s cell phone receives an MMS. Connected via wind cell 30064. GPRS [internet] lasting 9 seconds to the IP address[31]

22:00-22:30 Time approximate: Alessandra Formica and boyfriend, Lucio Minciotti, descended the stairs next to Piazza Grimana that lead to via San Antonio where their car is parked. Claims a black man [who could have been African or Indian] walking with his head down bumped into her boyfriend and continued walking in a hurry as if nothing had happened. Original police statement given to Monica Napoleoni on November 12, 2007, said “While we were going down the steps, my boyfriend was violently bumped into by a man of color, who was running very fast towards via Pinturicchio.” Minciotti told her what they’d witnessed wasn’t important and not to go to the police. Formica also testifies seeing a broken down car at the car park exit and the owner standing beside it talking on a cellphone. Formica didn’t notice or look at the cottage. Note – This person seen by Formica was not Rudy Guede.[32]

22.30 Elizabeth Lana [owner of the property where the phones were dumped] receives a threatening phone call and told not to use the toilet.[33]

22.30 Time approximate: A car breaks down at the exit of the parking garage across from the cottage. Pasqualino Coletta [the driver] testified that he called for assistance and nothing out of the ordinary happened while waiting. He heard no screams or saw anyone at the cottage. Note – He was part of a group of people traveling in two cars and had just finished dinner when the car broke down. None of the group noticed or heard anything. The second car in the group parked outside the cottage gates waiting for the repairman.[34]

23.00 Mechanic arrives for the broken-down car. Giampaolo Lombardo was called between 22.30-22.40. He left his house in Bastia and arrived within 15 to 20 minutes. In a previous verbale he had said he arrived at about 11 pm. It took him 10 to 15 minutes to load up the car and document it. He finished the job at about 23:15. He noted the gate of via della Pergola was open, and there was a car parked there, probably of a dark color. Parked car belonged to a friend of Pasqualino Coletta. Lombardo didn’t see any lights on in the house. He left at the latest at 23:20 and didn’t notice anybody pass by on the road or hear any screams etc.[35] The CCTV shows Lombardo arriving at 11.14 pm and the tow truck remains stationary to 11.24 pm [time adjusted forward 10mins][36]

23.00 Antonella Monacchia of 58 via Pinturicchio [distance from cottage 120 metres] claims to have gone to bed at 10pm and woke up “about an hour later” hearing a man and woman arguing in Italian followed by a scream. She looked out her window and saw nothing and noticed no lights on at the cottage or any parked cars. First reported to police/prosecutor on November 8, 2008 at the urging of journalist, Antioco Fois, from Giornale dell’Umbria who came knocking on her door and drove her to the prosecutors office. Original statement says her parents also heard the scream but then changed version and made a second deposition retracting that claim after the police visited her parents who said they didn’t hear a scream. [page 106-107][37]

23.00-23.30 Student Maria Dramis claims to have been half asleep and perceived hearing footprints and running under her window on via Del Melo after 11 pm. Original police statement is given November 8, 2008. Admitted under cross it was normal to hear these sounds. She didn’t discuss hearing the noises with her sister that night and only came forward at the urging of journalist, Antioco Fois, from Giornale dell’Umbria.[38]

23.14 Francesco Sollecito sends text to Raffaele.[39]

23.30 Time approximate: Nara Capezzali claims to have heard a scream.[40]


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[18] Both the Massei and Nencini motivation reports state Amanda Knox was not at Raffaele Sollecito’s place when she received the 8.18pm text from Lumumba via Cell Via dell’Aquila 5-Torre dell’Acquedotto sector 3. The testimony shows the tower covered his apartment, in particular the kitchen area and there’s a contradiction in both motivation reports which say that tower does indeed cover Sollecito’s apartment.

Massei Report page 318 –

1. The area around the defendant’s home was reached by a very strong signal radiated from the Via Berardi sector 7 cell, indicated as being the ‚best server cell‛ with regard to Sollecito’s house; furthermore the signals of other cells are also powerful, respectively that with a pylon in Piazza Lupattelli sector 8 and that with a pylon in Via dell’Acquilla-Torre dell’Acquedotto sectors 3 and 9.

Letterio Latella – State Police page 84

RESPONSE: These are the cell [repeaters] that exist, through which he can connect, a telephone located on Corso Garibaldi 110, inside that residence, could have received telephone calls via these cell [repeaters], Piazza Lupatelli sector 8, Via dell’Aquila Torre dell’Acquedotto sector 3, Via dell’Aquila Torre dell’Acquedotto sector 9 and Via Berardi sector 7.

page 79 – Latella only tested the cell tower signal strength out the front of Raffaele Sollecito’s apartment not inside.

DOMANDA – Va bene, quella cella Via Berardi che zona serve?

RISPOSTA – Serve si trova, serve Corso Garibaldi, le abitazioni dislocate in Corso Garibaldi, qua abbiamo l’abitazione, questo punto l’abitazione del Sollecito si trova a qualche centinaia di metri, questa abitazione, dalla cella, anche se su questa cella poi ci sono altri, su questa abitazione arrivano anche altri segnali. Noi abbiamo fatto i rilevamenti con i nostri strumenti su Via Garibaldi di fronte all’entrata della casa, non siamo entrati.

DOMANDA – Non all’interno.

RISPOSTA – Non all’interno. E abbiamo riscontrato che sul fronte della casa oltre a questa cella, ne arrivano altre tre con un segnale abbastanza potente. Questo per dire secondo i nostri calcoli che se il telefono fosse rimasto attivo, acceso avrebbe ricevuto il messaggio generato alle ore 23.14 ed 11 secondi da un’altra utenza, il padre del Sollecito con la sua utenza ha mandato un messaggio a quell’ora, alle 23.14, però secondo i nostri calcoli essendo spento il telefono del Sollecito non l’ha potuto ricevere e l’ha ricevuto appena poi la mattina quando è stato riacceso il telefono alle 06.02, ha ricevuto questo messaggio.

page 127

ANSWER – No, I did not enter into the building.

Bruno Pellero – Sollecito communications consultant page 59

….despite having two signals that exceed the sensitivity threshold, the only one which can handle traffic corresponds to Via Berardi sector 7 cell… indicated with number 40247 … The minimum sensitivity threshold is minus 102 [decibels]. Cell 35763 is received at around minus 94 and cell 40247 to about minus 97. But my tool shows that the only cell which can be used is 40247. What is the reason? [Explains in a highly technical way that the signal strength of cell 35763 is too variable to be used.]

… The measurements were then repeated in the kitchen [window] … in this case we can see the signal intensity exceeds threshold for 3 cells … but only two cells can be used … cell 35763 and cell 11109.


  • Eyewitness sighting by the homeless heroin pusher Curatolo who told police November 2 he saw nothing has been omitted from the timeline;
  • cell 35763 and cell 11109 is Via dell’Aquila Torre dell’Acquedotto sector 3, Via dell’Aquila Torre dell’Acquedotto sector 9.
  • Raffaele Sollecito’s computer had a remote control that was used to pause the movie, Amelie. If the remote is used it doesn’t register as a human interaction. See Negri March 20 p 39-41 where the runtime of Amelie is discussed.
  • Massei page numbers come from the PMF English translation.


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