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Nara Capezzali

“It was, the court believed, around this time that Meredith screamed loudly, as confirmed by the evidence of Nara Capezzali and Antonella Monacchia, which made the time around 23:30 pm.”

‘“Nara Capezzali Neighbor from across the parking lot who heard a scream from the house 10:30 or 11:00pm.”

“The couple returning to Piazza Grimana corresponds with the testimony of Nara Capezzali who claims that after hearing a scream at roughly 11pm….”

They have different times on various pages. What Nara actually said:

Prosecutor Mignini Questioning
Question – Go ahead.
Answer – Well, I went to bed about nine, I had a look at the TV, but there was nothing that interested me, so I went to sleep.
Question – Excuse me, at about 9.00 or 9.30pm.
Answer – 9.00 or 9.30pm, not that I looked at my watch, but more or less, I always go to bed at that time.
Question – So 9.00 to 9.30pm?
Answer – Yes.
Question – In your statements of November 27th, 2007, why did you say that you went to bed at 9.30pm, do now you remember better, or was it a different time?
Answer – No, it’s not a different time because I always go to bed around that time.
Question – All right. Go on and tell what happened.
Answer – I got up to to the bathroom, when I went …
Question – Wait. How long did you sleep, about?
Answer – Well I think that I slept a couple of hours, perhaps even a little more, I don’t know because …
Question – Are you unable to say, however around two hours…
Defence- Ghirga – President, but this is not right, he continues to always suggest the answers, the statement will be useful for the challenges! I ask that the President makes her reply and then he will challenge with the statement he has in his hands.

Luminol Page

“On December 18, 2007 Deputy Commissioner Maurizio Arnone and Chief Inspector Claudio Ippolito went to the cottage to spray luminol on certain areas and photograph any traces of blood that the luminol might reveal.”

Maurizio Arnone and Claudio Ippolito were the photography and video camera technicians. They didn’t spray any luminol because they had no qualifications to do so.

Arnone-Ippolito-Transcript (OCR) p84

PM Comodi: Now I wanted to clarify the following. The two gentlemen that we have called today, the first being Arnone and just now Mr. Ippolito, are those who actually took these videos and the photos of the second site visit, they did not carry out any analysis, because the collection of samples, evidence collection, etc, wasn’t done by them, they only recorded it.

Misinformation In “Mission Statement”

“Were Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito, and Rudy Guede responsible for the death of Meredith Kercher? This site was created to clearly explain why the case against them continues in Italy, for reasons having nothing to do with sexuality or Satanism.”

This is not the purpose of the pro-guilt “wiki” at all. The real purpose is for a cult-like hate group to present a biased and slanted view of the case towards guilt with the intention of deceiving journalists, random viewers and newcomers into thinking it’s from a neutral point of view and is based on the facts of the case. It’s a cherry-picked version based heavily on tabloid news reports that have been shown to be unreliable and in many cases false.

The claim that this case has nothing to do with sexuality or Satanism is misleading.

Judge Micheli ridiculed Giuliano Mignini’s pre-trial theories in his motivation report writing: (p61)

KNOX che, pur escludendo qualunque significato della deduzione in punto di peculiare preparazione del delitto o addirittura di ipotetiche aggravanti (un po’ lumeggiate dal P.M., pur non contestandole, nella a dir poco fantasiosa ricostruzione descrittiva di riti, festini di Halloween, pubblicazioni manga ed occasioni da non lasciarsi sfuggire, magari dopo una pantomima di prova generale davanti al malcapitato KOKOMANI), era pur sempre l’unica persona in grado di sapere che quella sera MEREDITH sarebbe stata sola in casa.


Excluding the victim, and Mezzetti who was at Montefiascone and Romanelli who spent the night with her boyfriend, the only person who would be interested in that simulation is Knox, although not giving any credence to the inference of a peculiar preparation of the crime or even of hypothetical aggravating circumstances (highlighted somewhat by the PM, though not contesting them, in the, to say the least, fanciful reconstruction of rites, Halloween parties, manga publications and taking advantage of a situation that couldn’t be missed, maybe after a pantomime rehearsal in front of the hapless Kokomani), she was still however the only person that could have known that that evening Meredith would have been on her own in the house.

See more transcript translation of Mignini during closing arguments connecting the murder to Halloween and the holiday of the dead on the main page

The Interrogation


“The Interrogation Was at Most Two Hours Long” “Knox’s interrogation was at most two hours long, but realistically less than an hour, from 12:30am to 1:30am.”

“Around 11:30 pm Monica Napoleoni, the head of the homicide department at the police station, approached Amanda Knox in the public area. She asked Knox if she’d be willing to answer a few questions.”

“Myth: Knox quickly recanted or withdrew the statement”

“How Many Officers? Just Two. There are claims that Knox was intimidated by a large group of police officers who participated in the interrogation. According to Amanda’s own words these are also untrue, as only one female officer, and the interpreter, were present.”

See: The Interrogation of Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox’s Account of November 2

“As such 13-14 hours had passed since the water spilled. It is impossible under any realistic scenario for there to be any water left to clean after that much time has passed.”

Two weeks later water drops can still be seen under the sink. (Click to enlarge)







“The lamp ending up in Meredith’s room is also a mystery.”

Rudy Guede mentions a lamp in both his German prison diary and March 2008 deposition. It was possibly used as lighting for his sexual assault to avoid turning the wall light on.

Prison Diary p7 – Note abat-jour is French for lamp

There was only red, nothing else. Damn, if I hadn’t gone to the bathroom, perhaps I would have opened the door, and maybe nothing would have happened. Oh my God, why all this, what had that person tried to tell me with “black man found, guilty man found?” Did he know me? I wasn’t able to see him well because the house was not well lit. Only Meredith’s room had light. I remember because the abat-jour was switched on.

March 2008 deposition p52

The light was off while when I go in the bathroom it was on. And in that moment anyway I head towards Meredith’s bedroom, I enter right into the corridor and I see this male
figure, he was a male in front of the door and there was the lamp shade inside, the lighting was dim, in other words from the lamp shade that was lighting the whole area which was however weak.

“The police also claimed that Knox had body odour which led to them questioning the her claim that she had just recently showered.”

No police officer testified Amanda had body odour. It’s a smear.

Marco Chiacchiera – Head of the Organized Crime Section of the Flying Squad – Transcript (Italian)

MC: However the faeces were in which of the two bathrooms?
MaCh: Of the bathrooms. Me, if I take a shower in a bathroom where there are faeces, instinctively I flush the toilet, in short.
MC: Yes, but the faeces were in the other bathroom.
MaCh: Yes, yes, I understood. However, in short, in some way it comes instinctively, no?, to flush the toilet? The fact is that ….
GCM: Excuse me, do you know how many bathrooms there were in the house?
MaCh: Two.
GCM: Two bathrooms. Excuse me, please. Do you know that a shower was taken?
MaCh: Yes.
GCM: How do you know?
MaCh: I know because it is a thing that I cannot, I believe, report because it was ….
GCM: But you checked…?
MaCh: I am trying to be very very careful.

“The first issue is that Knox calls Filomena Romanelli at 12:08pm to report what she had discovered at the cottage. This phone call was routed through a cell tower that covers Sollecito’s apartment but not the cottage. According to both Knox and Sollecito they did not discover the break-in until after they left Sollecito’s and returned to the cottage but Amanda called her roommate Filomena to discuss the break-in while still at Sollecito’s.”

Filomena Romanelli’s Testimony p66-67

There was no mention of the break-in during the first call.

Romanelli: That she was going back to Via della Pergola , because in the first phone call when Amanda called me, she probably said to me: I went back at home, the door was open , blood, shower , I went out , I’m going to Rafaelel’s, I’ll call you soon. She did not call me back, I called her. In the second call I do not remember if she told me that she was already with Raffaele or not, in the third call she was already with Raffaele, I mean I heard the name Raffaele, I remember that she said, “Yes, now with Raffaele we call, we go. “


Times and dates spent with the police Nov 2-5 from the Knox appeal document. – (Italian)

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